A Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter by Kelly Trach.JPG

Today is my one year business birthday. 


If I could leave you with anything, it’s that you should fearlessly pursue what ignites your heart, sets your soul on fire, and awakens who you really are.

Living on the other side of fear is beyond words I can express and that magic is totally available to you too if you choose the life that you are being called to lead.

So, today on the podcast, I’m doing a special solo show called “How I Built This & Run My Business Unconventionally”.

It’s easy to look at people online and think, “Wow, I’m so far away from that.” Or, “I will never be there.” Or, “that’s miles away from where I am right now.”

In today’s show, I share how I got started, what worked, what failed, what tanked, and tips I’d give anyone starting a new endeavor.

I also share openly what it’s like to do your soul’s work (which is a whole other level of creative work). And I talk about the normal business activities that I don’t do - like, paid marketing, building an email list, tracking analytics, following competitors religiously, and how I lead this business with that feels right for me and my tribe.

So, with all the love in my heart, thank you for being here, for supporting me, for being a part of my tribe, for downloading the podcast, and for your endless love.

I so so love you. #thisisit

All the love,


Take a listen to this episode: