6 Supplements For Digestive Problems

Supplements are effing expensive, so it's critical to know what’s legitimately good and what's marketing bullsh*t. 


Support your gut without breaking the bank with these supplements for digestive problems! 


When I did an elimination diet to uncover my allergies, I went heavy on the supplements because of my nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. Plus, I couldn’t absorb any of the good stuff since the villi in my intestines atrophied. So, I tried every supplement I could in hopes of turning around my gut problems. 


What’s rad with plant-based food is that you can derive a lot of your vitamins and minerals from there. But for me, I still take a few extra goodies to keep my body rockin’ on.


P.S. This is what works for my gut. What works for you might be different, so feel free to modify!


These supplements for digestive problems are actually worth the money:


#1: Probiotics.


Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis, and saccharomyces boulardii are some of my best buds. With their help, I have an easier time digesting my food. Research agrees that probiotics are necessary for flourishing flora and can counteract chemicals, infections, and stress. This site can help you find the right ones for you. I keep mine in the fridge to increase their shelf life too. Plus, when I travel, I take extra since my gut is sensitive to different bacterias.


#2: L-glutamine amino acid powder.


This is a naturally occurring amino acid. Try to find a powder that doesn’t have artificial flavors or colors and is sweetened with stevia. Yes, you buy it from bodybuilding stores. Yes, the packaging can be quite flashy. I use this powder to alleviate gut inflammation, repair my intestines, and manage my IBS by balancing my mucus production. This is also backed by Dr. Axe’s research. I drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.


#3: Omega 3s.


This type of fat helps you control immune function and build more cells, according to Dr. Weil. My immune system was really out of alignment and Omega 3s enable me to function. I only take plant-based Omega 3s, not Omega 3-6-9. Dr. Weil’s research says the other two are unnecessary. Save your money and skip the 6s and 9s.


#4: Iron.


I was anemic for years and suffered from chronic fatigue. I still take iron supplements to make sure my iron stores are up and running. Iron coupled with vitamin C will increase the absorption according to the Mayo Clinic.


#5: Calcium magnesium supplements.


Especially when I’m traveling and can’t find dairy-free milk, these really come in handy. Calcium and magnesium also absorb well together. Note that taking calcium and iron together will inhibit the absorption of both, as stated in this research study.  


#6: Vitamin D.


Now, I live in Canada and we don’t get much sun in the winter. I take vitamin D on the days I can’t get outside for some nice rays. But hey, if you live in sunny southern California, just go outside and soak up that vitamin D. Even a quick 10 minutes will give you enough for the day, as reported by the Mayo Clinic.  


So, what should I take when I get sick?


Now, if a cold has you beat, here’s a list of plant-derived supplements and tricks that work to bust it.


Ok, what brands do you recommend?


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