2 Medical Books to Get You Started

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You wanna learn, but you don't wanna be overwhelmed.


I get it. 


I am the same as you. 


Here are my two favorite books that I recommend time and time again for anyone wanting to dig deeper into healing. Dr. Terry Wahls is a functional medicine MD and Dr. Josh Axe is a naturopathic doctor, so feel free to learn from the source that speaks to your needs. 

Terry Wahls' The Wahls Protocol


What's it about?

  • Dr. Terry Wahls is a functional medicine doctor that reversed her MS and went from a wheelchair to fully functional.
  • Terry was the first person I learned about who was doing this "self-healing" stuff. This book was my bible and my first taste on the concept of food as medicine. 
  • This read is a huge eye-opener on how your diet can radically shift your life. 


This book is perfect for: 

  • Anyone with an autoimmune disease. (Especially if you have MS - this is an absolute must read).  
  • Anyone wanting a more technical book with loads of great references written by an actual doctor. 
  • Folks interested in a holistic approach to healing and how high quality, organic, and nutrient dense food can transform you.

Dr. Josh Axe's Eat Dirt  


What's it about:

  • Autoimmune disease, allergies, leaky gut, candida, SIBO, and how these are developed. Plus, how many of these conditions are linked. 
  • Dr. Axe's five steps to return to a functional life (with studies to back it up) and simple methods to get back to normal.
  • The nuts and bolts of what chemicals, antibiotics, and synthetic products do to our body and toxic load. Very fascinating and loads of research to back it.


This book is perfect for: 

  • Anyone who wants a simple (yet scientific) read.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of reversing chronic illness.  

Need more data? 


If you are already deeply educated and you love data, here's my full list of research studies, articles, medical journals, and literature written by MDs. This is my go-to source for all studies, TEDMED videos, and articles helpful for your healing. 

2 medical books to get you started by kelly trach.jpg

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