#1 Thing You MUST do to Change Your Life

#1 Thing You Must Do To Change Your Life by Kelly Trach.JPG

This is all it takes: shift your mindset a couple of degrees.


Which list sounds like you? 


Who am I to do this?

I'm not good enough / smart enough / good looking enough / rich enough. 

Why can't I figure this out? God, I'm so effing stupid.

I don't have enough Instagram followers / nice clothes / spare time.

Nobody is going to hire me. 

How come I can't lose this weight? I'm the fattest person in this yoga class.

I haven't earned it.

I don't deserve it.

I'm not ready yet.

I still need more time. 

This job / career / relationship is ok, but I'm going to stick it out anyways.

I never have enough money / time / friends.

Control is my middle name. I love the upper hand, um, always.




I've got this.

Everything is working out in my favor. 

I'm the happiest person I know.

I can figure everything out.

I am deeply proud of myself and who I've become.

My deepest desires are mine for a reason and this calling is MINE to pursue.

I can set boundaries like a pro.

I honor my needs.

I am good at surrendering, allowing, and trusting the divine timing of my life. 

I protect my own energy.

I can say no.

Actually, on that note, I'm really good at saying no and upholding my boundaires.

I can step up and say yes.



In today's video, learn about the mindset work that's required to shift your life.


You'll learn:

- About ditching the inner critic, mastering your self-talk and getting a strong hold on your thoughts. 

- That I never thought I'd end up here in a million years and that I get to live my best life and teach others what has been truly transformational for me. 

- What I needed to give up and relinquish and what stories I needed to stop telling myself in order to get me to where I am.

- What narratives you'll need to release, what to let go of, and why the mindset work is the most important piece. 

- That if you get the inside right, the outside all falls into place.


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