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Make conscious cash

Earn 50% commission on products you sell when you become an affiliate.


How this works

I make things, you love them, and then you share them. When you become an affiliate, you get a unique code that you'll share with all the peeps you know. When people purchase through your link, you get a 50% commission. See? So easy peasy.


Free to join & High Comissions

Earn 50% commission from whatever you sell. For example, that's $100 for every Your Best Life course that you sell.


Unlimited Potential

There is no limit to how much you earn. Make $100 a month or $5000 - the choice and financial freedom is yours.



Payouts are every 30 days to your PayPal email address. Cash money in the bank. That's as easy as it gets.


Anyone can join

If you have a PayPal address, you can rock and roll. You don't need to be a business owner. If you love my work and know it intimately, this program is for you. The people that do the best as an affiliate are those who genuinely love my courses and programs and want to share it 'cause they know it's life-changing and world-rocking.


Stellar Passive Income

Affiliate income is a perfect source of passive income. So, you lay on the beach on vaycay and make money while you sleep knowing that you're sharing the love of what you've found to be truly transformational.


Support from me

I love my affiliates and once you're in, you are a part of my tribe. Affiliate partners get loving support and dedication from me. I'm invested in your personal (+ financial) growth.

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Please note, only those who have taken my course Your Best Life can become affiliates. Authentic sharing and integrity is the name of the game. Because sharing from the heart is the best way to make conscious cash.

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