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How to Start 


We'll personally enroll you in the affiliate program. Then, you'll get an email from Teachable in your inbox to see your affiliate details and the course.

Find Your Links


To find your unique link, log in to Teachable and find your code here. Then, watch this tutorial so you make a link that goes directly to the Your Best Life course page. (This means higher sales for you!)

Payout & Commission


When do I get paid?  Payouts are made to your PayPal email address every 30 days. So, if you sell something on Jan 1st, you'll get the money on Feb 1st.


What is the commission?   You earn 50% commission after the platform and transaction fees are paid out.


How much will I make for each sale?  Roughly $95 CAD, $95 AUD, or $72 USD depending on currency fluctuation.

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Images & Artwork


Use and share these high-resolution images. 



Where can I see my earning charts?  You can find them in your teachable account here

Is it first touch or last touch?  It's last touch. This means that you get credit when they use your link to make a purchase. For example, if you have the link on your website and they learn about it here, but enroll through Sally's link, then Sally gets the credit. 

Where can I learn all the details about Your Best Life?  Learn all about the course here. If you need anything else or deeper details, just email me!

What currency are your products in?  Everything is in USD, no matter where you live.

What products can I get commission for?  Currently, it's only Your Best Life. Other amazing stuff is in the works, so there is more to come!

What's your refund policy?  Everything is final sale. (Makes all of our lives easier!)



Ideas to Boost your Income

Proven methods of earning conscious cash

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Speak from the heart:

  • The best tip I can offer you is to speak and share from your heart. Don't "sell" the course, just share your transformation, what you learned, and your genuine love. Then, invite people to explore it for themselves.
  • Think of this as a pull, not a push. Pull them into the vision, the love, and the possibilities for their life. Don't push it on them, fake it, or force it. 


Offer a freebie:

  • You can offer a free ebook, a gift from you, or anything else that would sweeten the deal.
  • Here is an example of what I did for Jessica Murnane's The Endo Toolkit course.
  • Ask them to email you their receipt so you can send them a freebie. (On the backend, you'll see your commission, but not who exactly buys the class).


Podcast support:

  • If you host a podcast or a YouTube video channel, it's totally fair to say: "support for today's episode comes from the course Your Best Life by Kelly Trach." Example here of what I did with Teachable.
  • Put a pretty image in the show notes and embed your link. Example here.
  • Have me as a guest on your podcast. I'd love to come!



  • We can do a webinar or Facebook Live if your audience loves seeing you live! Example here.



  • Make a video about your experience with Your Best Life, your a-ha moments, and why you love it.
  • Interview me on your YouTube video and add your affiliate link in the show notes. Example here.
  • You can make a review video about Your Best Life and share what you loved.



  • If you send a little love note to your tribe, include Your Best Life in your next email promotion. 


Boosted Social Posts:

  • Run a Facebook or Instagram ad about Your Best Life.


Social media:

  • Oh the beautiful power of social media! Share it on your Instagram stories, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter. If you take photos of what you're doing and learning, you can generate a lot of natural and organic engagement from your friends. (Which is really nice, because it's a "pull" not a "push"). And then you can share the course with them.
  • If people are asking for resource recommendations, comment with the link.
  • Social media and authentic sharing is really powerful. It's how I've grown my own business with zero dollars on marketing. 



Loving Support


I'm invested in your personal (+ financial growth)

Every month, you'll get an email from me about tips, new ideas, and my loving support. Plus, surprises and delights from me when you do super duper well. It's my job to invest in YOU and your success.

Also, if you have any questions, email me anytime: kelly (at) kellytrach (dot) com - I'm always happy to help.

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