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why I lead this work

you need 10,000 hours to master something


The only thing I’ve mastered in my lifetime is self-healing my chronic conditions.

I’ve racked up those 10,000 hours from learning the material, applying it to my life, and then tweaking it to find an exact solution that works. 

I am a self-taught nutrition expert, and I’ve deeply studied functional medicine, the microbiome, and gut health in attempts to desperately solve my problems. 

how I got here


I used to wear suits, but now I rock denim cut offs

I went to business school on a full scholarship & graduated with a B.Comm honors degree from the UBC Sauder School of Business. 

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I love living a fully-expressed life

I aim to be my authentic self 100% of the time. I crack jokes when I feel like it and I don't filter myself, even if you are a billionaire. 

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the universe knocked on my door

In my former life, I did the whole SF-tech-startup-founder thing. Read more about that here & why I left it to pursue coaching instead. 

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what I have


Basically, my gut was a total wreck.

Turns out, it was an autoimmune disease (celiac disease), Raynaud's disease, leaky gutIBS, Candida, and severe allergies.



I played doctor hopscotch for years.

It's when you endlessly bounce between medical appointments on your quest for answers. (And, if you've been there, you know what this is like). After a while, I couldn't get a clear diagnosis so I went on my quest for a solution.

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the strategy

It's not hocus pocus or voodoo magic. It's really simple stuff rooted in science.

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It's about starting with the mind first, then taking action from there.

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Plant-based food

It's about liberation and nourishing with the sole intention to thrive.

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Living toxin-free

It's about getting educated and minimizing your toxic load. 

how it started


I felt Sick. 

Not the lying-in-a-hospital-bed-for-days kind of sick where everyone can see that you are genuinely ill, but the type you can’t witness. On the outside, I looked pretty normal, but on the inside, I felt like I was dying. 

I was tired of hearing people say: “Oh, you’re sick? But you look okay.” The truth was that my immune system was ultra weak, I was always exhausted, and I lived with chronic inflammation. 

My journey started when traditional medicine could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had all these symptoms, but doctors just couldn’t connect the dots.

Kelly Trach About
Kelly Trach

my symptoms

- Food always made me feel sick. I’d get stomach pains that made me double over and lay in the fetal position.

- Feeling forever bloated. I always walked around sucking my stomach in, because if I let it go, I legitimately looked pregnant. 

- Flared, achy joints and exercise felt impossible.

- Chronic fatigue. I’m pretty sure I said “I’m tired” hourly.

- Day-long headaches. No matter how much water or caffeine I drank or how many painkillers I took, nothing made them go away.

- Brain fog. I felt like I wasn’t operating with my full mental capacity, alertness, and awareness.

- Weak immune system. I picked up every flu and cold that went around. 

- Consistent recurring conditions to the point where I was like: “What? Again? For real?” I was hooked on antibiotics for strep throat, fungal conditions, and acne. It was like: new month, new med. 

- Acne was a constant struggle. 

- I was one of those people who wore a ton of layers and two pairs of socks in winter was the norm. I was always running cold.

- Bowel movements were never normal, and I certainly wasn’t regular. I either had diarrhea, or I would be constipated. 

- Nerve damage in my hands and feet. They would tingle, go completely white and numb in the cold, and I had a difficult time feeling the temperature in them. 

- Nutrient and vitamin deficiencies were a constant. I had malabsorption issues and the fancy vitamins weren't doing anything. 

- Brittle nails. 

- Lastly, I couldn’t shake the extra 30 pounds of weight. It was like it was glued to me.

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Kelly Trach About

If your symptoms are also vague, it's easy to feel brushed off. 

FYI: this shit ain't normal.


I started with the traditional system

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- I saw 10+ GPs.

- Multiple gastroenterologists.

- Biopsies and colonoscopies for intestinal tissue samples. They said I “could” be celiac. Later results came back positive.

- An allergist. Strangely everything came back negative.

- Ultrasounds to scan my abdomen, looking for lumps or bumps. Nothing.

- Loads of lab work. Monitoring my immunoglobulin blood markers to look for thyroid problems, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's disease, autoimmune markers and checking for Crohn’s and colitis.

- Sports doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapists for my achy joints.

- Neurologists to check my nervous system and uncover why I had tingling in my hands and feet.

- Trips to the ER. When my  pain was unbearable, they found nothing, administered T3s, and sent me home.

- Gynecologists. To see if the pain was coming from my reproductive system instead of my stomach, it wasn’t.


then the alternative stuff

- Acupuncturists.

- Traditional Chinese medicine & all the Chinese herbs.

- Osteopaths.

- Naturopaths.

- Massage therapists.

- I went to healers. Prayed. Chanted. Anything!

- Ceramic socks for my lack of circulation.

- Supplements galore. Sometimes up to 15 pills a day to experiment with different herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Kelly Trach About Page
Kelly Trach About

but what truly worked was:

- Shifting my diet.

- Altering my mindset.

- Getting smart about what I was putting into my body and what kind of toxins were in my environment. 

- Practicing self-care and self-love.

- Eating to nourish my body instead of punishing it.

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